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Extended Protection Plans

Extended protection plans are your insurance against future repair bills. Because each vehicle is different, and there are many protection plans available, Gulliver has selected a variety of the best plans for your consideration. From one month/1,000 mile warranties to 60 month/100,000 mile plans, Gulliver has the protection plan that is right for your needs.

Audio and Navigation Systems

Gulliver can equip your vehicle with the latest audio and navigation systems. Whether you need a USB and mpeg player-compatible stereo, a simple and reliable navigation system, or a high-end system combining all of the above, we have solutions to fit your budget and needs.

audio and navigation systems

Exterior and Interior Protection Products

Gulliver is committed to helping you maintain the resale value on your car, which means offering products that will keep your vehicle looking great for years to come. Products that will protect and enhance your car’s paint and upholstery are inexpensive relative to the additional value they bring to a car when it is resold years down the road.

Security Systems

A security system is a smart investment for anyone. Not only does a good security system foil thieves in the U.S. top auto theft market, it saves you money in insurance and adds value to your vehicle. Ask your car advisor about installing a theft-deterrent security system on your vehicle.

Other Products

Aftermarket wheels, window tinting, specialty seat covers and other products are available at Gulliver.

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