Auto Finance - Select a Car

At Gulliver we can finance anyone!

At Gulliver we want to help everyone acquire the right vehicle, and in many cases this means helping our customers get financing. We serve customers of all kinds, from people with excellent credit scores to newcomers to the country with no credit history, to those who are rebuilding their credit after a bankruptcy. Whatever the case may be, we can find a way to finance your loan.

When seeking to finance an auto loan through Gulliver, you will need proof of income (POI), such as a paycheck stub or bank statement, and proof of residency (POR), which can be in the form of utility, phone or cable bills in your name. Gulliver’s finance specialist will use this information and your credit history to determine the best loan for your needs.

If you want to set up your own financing through your own bank or credit union, you will need to confirm that your lender will finance a car purchased from an independent car dealer. Then, after selecting the vehicle you want to purchase, Gulliver will provide you with an installment contract to obtain approval for financing from your lender.

Your credit score and other factors will determine both your interest rate and the amount of down payment required for the purchase of your vehicle. In some cases, an individual can be financed for one vehicle, but not another. A larger down payment is always best, and may help you finance a more expensive car, and get a better rate.

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