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At Gulliver we believe our "consumer-to-consumer" business model is the wave of the future. Vehicles consigned to Gulliver are usually priced thousands of dollars below typical dealer pricing, and buyers love the ease and security of shopping here. Stop by anytime to see our amazing selection. We have some of the best used car deals anywhere!

Car Buying Steps

Select a Car

When you find a car you like on our website, please call us to confirm that it is still available. (We update our website daily, but we also sell cars every day.) After confirming that the car is still available, visit us for a test drive. You will need a valid driver’s license to do a test drive.

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Test Drive

test drive

The test drive is where most shoppers will decide to buy a car or not. You'll have the chance to learn about all of the car's systems, while getting feedback from the car advisor about mileage, performance, maintenance and other key issues.

Purchase with Cash

purchase with cash

If you decide to buy the car with cash, your car advisor will immediately begin preparing the car for delivery. Gulliver accepts only major bank cashier’s checks as cash payment on a vehicle. (Down payments may be made with cash, a personal check (up to $1,000) or a credit card (up to $3,000.)

Purchase with Financing

purchase with finance

If you plan to finance your purchase, bring your pre-approved check, or talk to your CA about financing options offered by Gulliver. Again, when necessary a down payment can be made with cash, check or credit card. Documentation for cash deals can be prepared and signed in as little as an hour. Where financing is involved, lenders often have their own verification processes, so the time required to deliver the vehicle may be longer.


Proof of insurance is required for delivery of your newly purchased vehicle. The vehicle must be shown on the insurance. You can contact your insurance company to insure the vehicle, or purchase insurance through Gulliver.

proof of insurance


Just like a new or used vehicle purchased from any other dealer, your vehicle will have temporary registration affixed to the windshield when you drive it off our lot. The DMV will generally require 6 – 8 weeks to deliver your new registration.

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